Eliana Álvarez

Uy Check

Political scientist Co-founder of UYCheck, the only independent verification site for public discourse in Uruguay. President of CÍVICO, a civil society organization dedicated to the promotion of transparency, accountability and citizen participation.

    Margot Anacona


    She has a degree in Social Communication, Journalist, Alberto Hurtado University. Former journalist producer of TVN’s “El Informante” and “Mejor Hablar” programs of 24 Hours. Currently, editor of special content at CNN Chile, where she works on “Futuro 360” and “Chile Check”

      Phoebe Arnold

      First Draft

      First Draft’s International Projects Co-ordinator and a Visiting Fellow at the University of Oxford’s Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism. She facilitates collaborative verification projects to tackle misinformation during elections around the world. Previously she was Head of Communications at Full Fact, the UK’s leading independent fact-checking organisation, and was an Advisory Board member of the International Fact-Checking Network.

        Manuel Aris

        Espacio Público (ChileCheck)

        Sociologist and Master in Latin American Social and Political Studies at the Alberto Hurtado University. He is currently a consultant at Espacio Público, where he directed the project ChileCheck in 2017. He teaches the Ethics and anti-corruption policies in the schools of public administration of the Alberto Hurtado and Talca universities. Previously he was Chief of Staff in the National Service for the Prevention and Rehabilitation of Drug and Alcohol Consumption, and Coordinator of the Transparency and Probity Unit in the Ministry General of the Presidency.

          Clara Becker


          She was a reporter for Revista Piaui between 2009-2014 and for Veja Brasilia the two following years. Today, she lives in Buenos Aires and works as a journalist at Agencia Lupa. She has also co-written the books The Football Cronicas, edited by Ragpicker Press and Los Malos by the Diego Portales University

            Laura Benbenaste

            She has a degree in management of social organizations specializing in Social Policy. The last 15 years, she worked and directed technological education projects such as Puerta 18, Infinito por Descubrir and Instituto Baikal. She trains people who participate and lead educational projects, technology in social organizations, companies and governments. She is a member of the organizing team of the TedxRiodelaplata events.

              Jose María León Cabrera


              Editor and chronicler. His work has been published in media such as Etiqueta Negra, Etiqueta Verde, SoHo and Courrier International. He was the founder of, the first liberal and alternative digital media in Ecuador.

              Alejandra Cruz Cuevas


              Director of the Taller del Nuevo Periodismo FNPI. Ex deputy director of the magazine by Grupo La República and web-editor of Economia y Negocios by the newspaper El Comercio – Peru. Her news reports, interviews and columns have been published in newspapers like “La Republica” and magazines like “Poder”, “Somos” y “Avianca”. She worked as an academic coordinator and professor of the Journalism major at the Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC). She studied communication and journalism at Universidad de la Sabana.

              Mónica Cruz


              Senior producer of AJ + Español and AJ + Verifica. She was part of the Verificado 2018 multimedia team. She has worked as a reporter and as an editor in the magazine Emeequis, Expansión, Univisión, Verne and El País in Mexico. Her reports have also been published in Texas Tribune and The Atlantic. She has covered issues of politics, economics, drug traffic and virality on the internet.

                Francisco Cores


                Bachelor of Administration (UBA). Student of Lic. In Systems of Information of the Organizations (UBA). Responsible for Administration & Legal in Chequeado.

                  Matías Di Santi


                  Matías Di Santi​. Editing and production coordinator at Chequeado. He is a former reporter for Buenos Aires newspaper Diario Z, where he mainly covered politics and society. He helped to research and edit the investigative book El Enigma Perrotta. .

                    MARIANO FALCÓN


                    Programmer at Chequeado. Information Systems Engineer from Universidad Tecnológica Nacional. Passionate about developing technologies to transform information into knowledge.

                      Pablo Fernández


                      Editorial Innovation Coordinator at Chequeado and Professor of Social Communication at University of Buenos Aires. He is part of the UBACyT’s research team on media and technology. Author and founder of, a freelance community, and writer at He was Editor on Current Events at, and at and magazines.

                      Syndy García


                      She is a journalist. Graduated from the Faculty of Communication Sciences with a specialty in Information. She is currently doing fact checking for the Verificado site (, a project that was born in July of 2017. Thanks to the alliance between Verificado and Verificado 2018, an initiative that emerged during the electoral process in Mexico, she collaborated with V2018 with several checks of the public discourse related to the presidential candidate, Jaime Rodríguez Calderón. She worked independently in research for the #QueSirvan platform, an initiative of civil organizations that aims to evidence the networks of power, conflicts of interest or corruption of candidates, politicians and public officials. And, from 2017 to 2018, she collaborated as a reporter on policy issues, among others, in media such as Milenio, El Horizonte, Hora Cero, Agencia Notimex and Channel 53 of the UANL.

                        Adriana Garcia


                        She is a project leader of Comprova, a collaborative project of verification led by First Draft, which gathers 24 brazilian media against misinformation in the presidential campaign. She was JSK Knight fellow at Stanford (12/13) and has more than two decades as a journalist, professor and consultant in digital innovation and design thinking in Brazil.

                          Loren Giordano Lainfiesta


                          Guatemalan, she drew since she was a child and drawing took her to art, which led her to design, and design to motion graphics. She studied in Guatemala City at Rafael Landívar University and at Image Campus in Buenos Aires. On the way back she decided that design is a tool to change realities. That´s how she arrived to Nómadad igital media in 2017 as a senior graphic designer and is also in charge of all the animated content. That same year she was a Fellow of Chicas Poderosas in a grant by Dow Jones and ICFJ to work with the Data News team on the radio in New York, WNYC

                            Andrea Goldin

                            Universidad Di Tella

                            She has a degree in biological sciences from the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires and a PhD in Physiological Sciences from the Faculty of Medicine of the UBA. She is an assistant researcher of the CONICET in the Neuroscience Laboratory of the Torcuato Di Tella University and is a collaborator of the Applied Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the FCEyN of the UBA.

                              Alejandra Gutierrez

                              Agencia Ocote

                              Guatemalan journalist and editor with experience in written, audiovisual and digital journalism. She has focused her career on in-depth, investigative and narrative journalism specializing in topics about human rights, transitional justice, environment and security and violence. She has designed and coordinated special coverages and has participated in transnational investigations. For five years, until February 2017, she was the editor and editorial director of Plaza Publica, where she designed and coordinated the writing of special coverages and investigations, and initiated the verification project ConPruebas. Her work, individually and collectively, has been finalist at the Daniel Pearl (2003) awards, the Gabriel Garcia Marquez awards by the FNPI (2014) and the Sociedad Interamericana de Prensa (2013/2014). She is co-founder and general coordinator of Agencia Ocote, a multidisciplinary regional platform.

                              Jeanfreddy Gutierrez

                              Efecto Cocuyo

                              Head of Data Unit and Fact-Checking of EfectoCocuyo. Correspondent of Mongabay and Ambassador of Infogram for Venezuela. Instructor of data journalism. Ex-Head of Data Unit of El Nacional. Activist of “Invítalo a comer” Maracay.

                              DAVID HIDALGO

                              Ojo Público

                              Journalism Director at OjoPúblico. Author of the book Sombras de un rescate (Shadows of a Rescue, Planeta), whose plot is about the last armed activities of terrorist group MRTA. Coauthor of the book La navaja suiza del reportero. Herramientas de investigación en la era de los datos masivos (The Swiss Knife for Journalists: digital tools for investigative reporting in the big data era, OjoPúblico & CPP). He won the national Human Rights and Journalism Award in 2006. He was Fellow of the 2009 Edward R. Murrow Program for Journalists, organized by the United States Department of State. He was part of the team that won the Data Journalism Awards in 2015.

                                Nienke Huitenga


                                Co-founder and creative lead of Hackastory, transmedia- and interactive story producer since 2010.

                                  Clara Jimenez

                                  Maldito Bulo

                                  She is the co-founder of, a spanish media dedicated to data journalism, verification and journalistic innovation. She is a journalist and has spent most of his professional career at laSexta, first in the news services and then in different programs of the organization such as Debate Al Rojo Vivo, laSexta Columna and laSexta Noche. Between 2013 and 2018 she was part of the El Objetivo team of Ana Pastor. Currently collaborates with RNE and Onda Cero. She is a member of the High Level Expert Group of the European Commission on Misinformation on behalf of Maldito Bulo and is also a member of the Advisory Council of the International Fact Checking Network and of #FemFacts, a project of News Mavens.

                                    Gabriela Hadid


                                    She manages the investments portfolio of the Governance and Citizen participation program of Omidyar Network for Latin America.n Previously, she worked as a Program Manager for Google Argentina and for the Ministry of National Security and the Legal and Social studies Center (CELS). She holds a Master’s degree in Administration and Public Policy from the University of Georgetown and has an undergraduate degree in Sociology and Political Science from the Buenos Aires University.

                                    Maximilano Manzoni

                                    La Precisa

                                    Uruguayan journalist living in Paraguay. He is a part of El Surtidor, a media of visual information, since its founding in 2016. He was a Cosecha Roja scholar and member of the winning team of the Gabriel García Márquez Award in the Innovation category in 2018.

                                      Lucía Martínez


                                      Journalist at Chequeado. Degree in Communication, writes about social, gender and misinformation issues.

                                        Andrea Martínez

                                        La Diaria

                                        She has a degree in Journalism. She is a journalist from the International section and from Currently, responsible for the digital form of La Diaria and member of the LaDiariaVerifica team, a project to verify information that aims to fight back false news in Uruguay with the slogan: facing an army of trolls, a community of readers who love the truth.

                                          Daniela Mendoza


                                          Director of Verificado. Journalist from the north of Mexico and professor at the University of Nuevo León.

                                            Ariel Merpert


                                            Education Coordinator at Chequeado. Pursues the daily challenge of using social networks and other information and communication technologies so as to promote new ways of learning inside and outside the educational system. Multimedia Designer. He is also the director of TED-Ed Clubs and organizer of TEDxRodelaplata. He was part of the PENT-Flacso team, a member of the executive committee of, and a professor at ORT Argentina.

                                            Pablo Medina


                                            He is the director of Colombiacheck, a media of data verification in Colombia. He is a literary man and a translator, but he has worked in journalism in several media such as The New York Times, Democracy Now !, Al Jazeera and La Silla Vacía. In his spare time is dedicated to bots (the good ones).

                                              Will Moy

                                              Full Fact

                                              He has been the Director of Full Fact since 2010, through three referendums, the Leveson Inquiry into press standards, the European Parliamentary and 2015 and 2017 general elections. Will is a Marketing Academy scholar who appears regularly on TV, radio, and at events to discuss Full Fact’s work and factchecks, as well as giving evidence to the Leveson Inquiry and select committee inquiries. Before Full Fact, Will worked for the non-party affiliated peer Lord Low of Dalston and the Parliamentary Advisory Council on Transport Safety.

                                              Tai Nalon

                                              Aos Fatos

                                              Executive Director of Aos Fatos, the first Brazilian platform exclusively devoted to fact-checking. Journalist graduated from UERJ, she worked at Folha de São Paulo in Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo for more than six years, where she daily covered President Dilma Rousseff. In 2009, she was nominated for a New Journalism Award.

                                              Agustina Noceti


                                              She has a degree in Comunnication from the University of Buenos Aires. Activist on gender equality. Travel chronicler.

                                              Juan Esteban Lewin

                                              La Silla Vacia

                                              Lawyer and historian from Universidad de Los Andes, he holds a Master’s in Latin American Studies from Leiden University (Netherlands). He has been working as a journalist for more than 5 years, after being a teacher, lawyer and researcher, among others. Subeditor of La Silla Vacía.

                                              Pablo Loscri

                                              La Nación

                                              He is a graphic designer. He started his career in 1997 at Clarín newspaper as an infographic and from 2008 to 2014 he was the director of the infographic section. Since 2014 he is the print & digital graphics Editor of La Nación newspaper. Graduated from Urban Planning at the University of Buenos Aires, he has won more than 100 international awards from the SND (Society for News Design), the SND-E (Spanish chapter of the SND), the FNPI (New Journalism Foundation) Iberoamericano) and ADEPA (Association of Architecture Faculty, Design of Argentine Journalistic Entities).

                                              Juan Manuel Lucero

                                              Google News Iniciative

                                              He is the Google’s News Lab Lead for Argentina, with which he has trained more than 11,000 journalists in Argentina, Chile, Peru and Uruguay on topics related to innovation within the redaction as well as digital tools for journalists. He also worked as a consultant in digital strategy for more than 10 years. He is a professor and director of post-graduate programs linked to marketing, innovation and digital business. He was a technology columnist for the Telefé channel and Radio Mitre (Córdoba) and produced the program “Negocios Digitales” in 2015.

                                              Abdel Padilla

                                              I am a journalist because of a mistake that I made when correcting texts written by other journalists. In order to amend it, I wrote a column, which was read by the Editor-in-Chief who gave me two memos: one was a call of attention and the other was for the promotion as a Copywriter. Since then I spend my time telling stories for different media, first written, then radio and now also audiovisual and digital. Some of those stories have reached the ears of characters who I never thought I would shake hands with, as the King of Spain

                                                Lucía Pardo

                                                La Diaria

                                                Food Engineer graduated from the Faculty of Engineering of the Universidad de la República. Dedicated to the management of cooperative ventures with a gender perspective and networking. She conducted research and consultancies on inclusive business models at the Catholic University of Uruguay for the IDB and Avina. Professor and consultant of the Chair of Innovation and Development of the Latin American Center of Human Economy (CLAEH University CLAEH, 2012 to date). Project Manager in La Diaria (2011 to date). General Coordinator of the “Rio Abierto” initiative, funded by the Latin American Alliance for Civic Technology (ALTEC).

                                                  Adrián Pino

                                                  Datos Concepción

                                                  Data Analyst – Coordinador de Datos Concepción – Data Driven Journalist – Trainer – Stop Fake News Latam Project Manager (

                                                    Dulce Ramos


                                                    She is a Mexican journalist. Currently she is the program coordinator of the International Fact-checking Network by the Poynter Institute, based in Florida. There she directs, mainly, the nominations to the IFCN Code of Principles, an editorial transparency certification for fact-checking organization, which 60 organizations around the world have already obtained. In 2014, when she worked as general editor for the Mexican web portal Animal Politico, she collaborated on the creation of the first Mexican fact-checking project, named El Sabueso. With this project, that same year, she organized the first live fact-checking on a presidential report done on Mexican media.

                                                    Martín Rodríguez Pellecer


                                                    He is the director and CEO of Nómada. He is Guatemalan, persevering and cheerful. He started in journalism in 2001 in letters from readers of a newspaper. In 2011 he founded Plaza Pública for a Jesuit university, and in 2014, Nómada. He has a master’s degree in Latin American Studies from the University of Madrid. He was finalist of the FNPI award in 2013 and 2017. He won the national journalism prize in 2004 and 2017. He is a polyglot and a feminist.

                                                    Ernesto Rivera

                                                    Semanario de Costa Rica

                                                    Writer and journalist. Director of Semanario Universidad, for 12 years he was part of the newspaper La Nacion Investigation Unit, he was editor of the Sociedad and Servicios section of the newspaper and collaborator of the magazines Nat Geo Spain, SoHo Costa Rica, Proa and the cultural supplement Ancora. He studied communication at the San Judas Tadeo University of Costa Rica and is a professor of the Communication School of the UCR.

                                                    Francisco Sandoval

                                                    Animal Politico

                                                    Mexican journalist based in Mexico City (CDMX). He started in journalism in 1996. He is specialist in police issues, corruption and human rights. He has worked in the Mexican news agency (Notimex), el Semanario Zeta of Tijuana, the newspaper La Crónica de Hoy and the Animal Político website (since 2016 he is deputy director of Animal Político)

                                                      Fernando Salem

                                                      He is a creator, screenwriter and director of television and film films. When children under 12 recognize him, they always ask him (but always) to draw a character from his creation: the multi-awarded Zamba. Fernando was born in Buenos Aires and studied Communication Sciences at the University of Buenos Aires and graduated from the ENERC (INCAA) in 2006 as Film Director. He worked as a production assistant and Key Set PA in the movie TETRO, which Francis Ford Coppola made in Argentina.

                                                        Joaquín Saralegui


                                                        Programmer and developer in Chequeado. Holds a degree as Programmer and Analyst from the Buenos Aires Province University and is also studying Communication at the University of Buenos Aires. Interested in solving social issues through the aplication of technology.

                                                          Milagro Salazar


                                                          Journalist of investigation specialized in the analysis of data bases, university teacher and certified coach for the accompaniment of learnings and team development. Director of Convoca and member of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). She has specialized in research the links between corporate power and the highest levels of peruvian political power. She coordinates the collaborative project ‘Investiga Lava Jato’ integrated by media from 11 countries in Latin America and Africa to look into the biggest case of corruption in recent times.

                                                            Julieta Shama


                                                            Julieta Shama is Facebook´ Manager of strategic alliances with media for Argentina and Chile; helping the media find new audiences, experiment with different formats and reach their business goals on the platform. She has more than 15 years of experience in content development, with a strong focus on video. She has also worked at Eyeworks Cuatro Cabezas and at Warner International.

                                                            John Silva


                                                            Director of Education of the News Literacy Project (NLP). In my role with NLP, I develop education and professional development programs for teachers to integrate news literacy into their curriculum at all grade levels and subject areas, including the Checkology® virtual class. I am a certified teacher by the National Board, with 13 years of experience in the Chicago Public Schools as a social studies teacher in middle and high school.

                                                            Guillermo Solovey

                                                            UBA - CONICET

                                                            Professor at the University of Buenos Aires and CONICET researcher in the area of cognitive sciences. With an empirical and theoretical approach, his research seeks to understand, among other topics, under what conditions information can modify beliefs and how reasoning and decisions are distorted in a context of polarization.

                                                            Olivia Sohr


                                                            She is Special Projects Manager and leading journalist at Chequeado. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Paris 8 Vincennes Saint- Denis and holds a Masters in Sociology, specializing in Media from the École d’Hautes Études in Sociales Sciences (EHESS). She has a daily radio program in Metro 95.1.

                                                            Cristina Tardáguila


                                                            Leader of Lupa, Brazil’s first fact-checking agency, since November 2015. As a journalist and editor, she worked at O Globo newspaper (Río de Janeiro), Folha de S. Paulo newspaper (São Paulo) and Piauí magazine. Cristina is also the author of the book A arte do descanso (The Art of Rest), which tells the story of the biggest art theft committed in Brazil.

                                                              Manuel Tarricone


                                                              Journalist at Chequeado. Graduated from DeporTEA. Specialist on relations between the different actors of the Argentine judicial system.

                                                              Cecilia Vazquez


                                                              She is a member of the Chequeado Educación team. Pursues the daily challenge of adding validity to education projects which involve the inclusion of technologies, with an end goal of constructing learning processes which allow participants to enhance and strengthen specific learning practices. Studied Education Sciences and pursued a Master’s Degree in Education Technologies at the University of Buenos Aires.

                                                              Eliana Vaca

                                                              Chicas Poderosas

                                                              Graphic designer with emphasis on cultural mediation. Her main motivation is to help minorities in vulnerable situations and to create projects that involve the improvement of women’s quality of life. Her main experience is in editorial design, project management and creative direction. She has also developed social projects in museums through the use of inclusive methodologies for blind populations. Has made territorial marks together with the population, creating new community design methodologies. She is the managing director of Chicas Poderosas and currently co-leads a project called El poder de elegir . It is a disinformation monitoring project during the electoral period, an initiative that uses WhatsApp as its main communication media with its audiences. It was replicated in Venezuela, Mexico and now in Brazil O Poder de Eleger.

                                                                Ana Paula Valacco


                                                                Coordinator of Institutional Development at Chequeado. Political scientist and journalist who has previously worked as a Growth Marketer at Google for the South American online market, and at other NGOs as a facilitator both for entrepreneurs and school students on civic education. She is part of the Buenos Aires hub of Global Shapers (an initiative of the World Economic Forum) and Council Member of the South American Business Forum (ITBA).

                                                                  Miriam Valverde


                                                                  Staff writer for PolitiFact, a nonpartisan fact-checking organization in the United States. Miriam specializes in fact-checking claims about immigration.

                                                                    Antonella Vignolo


                                                                    I write in UyCheck. Student of the Degree in Development and of Technique in Correction of style.

                                                                      Laura Zommer


                                                                      Executive Director and Journalist at Chequeado and Professor of Right to Information at University of Buenos Aires. She is a journalist and a lawyer, specialized on access to information and transparency. She was Director of Communications at CIPPEC think tank and journalist at La Nación newspaper, where she covered and conducted research on cases related to corruption, civil rights and justice. Her work was recognized on several occasions: in 2015, she received Gabriel García Márquez Award for Innovation from FNPI for her work at Chequeado and the growth of fact-checking in the region.


                                                                      Presentation by Dulce Ramos (IFCN).

                                                                      Clara Jiménez (Maldito Bulo), Adriana Garcia (Comprova), Mónica Cruz (AJ+)

                                                                      Ariel Merpert (Chequeado).

                                                                      Milagros Salazar (Convoca), David Hidalgo (Ojo Público) and Francisco Sandoval (Animal Político). Moderator: Alejandra Gutierrez (Agencia Ocote).

                                                                      Presentation by Francisco Sandoval, (Verificado 2018, Animal Político), Phoebe Arnold (First Draft) y Pablo Medina (Consejo de Redacción). Moderator: Margot Anacona (CNN).

                                                                      What tools do we have at hand at the moment and which ones will we have in the future? Will Moy (Full Fact), Tai Nalon (Aos Fatos) and Pablo Fernández (Chequeado).

                                                                      Martín Rodríguez and Loren Giordano (Nómada), David Hidalgo (Ojo Público) and Maximiliano Manzoni (La Precisa).

                                                                      Pablo Loscri (La Nación). Interviewer: Olivia Sohr (Chequeado).

                                                                      Presentation by Andrea Goldin (Universidad Di Tella).

                                                                      Moderators: Phoebe Arnold (First Draft) and Clara Jiménez (Maldito Bulo).

                                                                      Gabriela Hadid (Omidyar Network).

                                                                      Juan Esteban Lewin (La Silla Vacía), Lucía Pardo (La Diaria) and Martín Rodríguez (Nómada).

                                                                      Presentation by Nienke Huitenga (Hackastory).

                                                                      Eliana Vaca (Chicas Poderosas), Juan Esteban Lewin (La Silla Vacia) and Adriana Garcia (Comprova). Moderator: Andrea Martinez (La Diaria).

                                                                      Moderan: Dulce Ramos (IFCN) and Olivia Sohr (Chequeado).

                                                                      Moderator: Laura Zommer (Chequeado).

                                                                      Media, data and misinformation literacy


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