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The Fundación La Voz Pública para la Verificación del Discurso Público (in english, The Public Voice for Public Discourse Verification Foundation) / Chequeado is a non-governmental, non-partisan and non-profit organization, established in 2011 and authorized to operate as such by Resolution No. 1392 of the General Inspectorate of Justice.

You can download our Bylaws here.

You can download our audited Annual Financial Statements:


How we decide on the use of funds

Our annual Work Plan and Budget are discussed and approved by the Board of Directors of La Voz Pública, which determines the main lines of work and necessary resources.

Funding opportunities are analyzed weekly by the working team, led by the Executive Director, based on criteria such as the origin of the funds, the need/utility of the financing, potential conflicts of interest, and the organization’s positioning.


How we invest the funds

We primarily use them for our team because they are our most valuable resource and are crucial to ensuring the quality and impact of what we do. Additionally, we invest in Communication because, to achieve our mission, we need to reach and engage more people across the country and contribute to their critical thinking regarding public discourse. Another portion of our funds is allocated to executing projects in Media, Innovation, and Education.

Finally, a small portion of the resources is dedicated to overhead expenses such as office rent, internet connection, telephones and travel expenses.