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Defeat lies with information

Help us to defeat lies with information as our weapon

For eight years, we have fact-checked statements made by public figures and produced reliable information autonomously, without restrictions and with the help of the many members of our community who believe that supporting this initiative is valuable in order to improve public debate.

Our community is key

Chequeado is built on collaboration. For this reason, we invite you to fact-check with us. We share our findings with the public so that you can see for yourself the information that we use. We consult the most recognized experts, who help us put things in context so that we can get closer to the truth.

And we do so much more than fact-check

Thanks to our Innovation Lab, we present information in new formats in order to engage with a larger and wider audience, we produce long-term investigations of a wide scope and free of any restrictions, and we work on different education programs to bring our findings and evidence to many more journalists and to classrooms comprised of hundreds of students across the country.

Why a crowdfunding campaign?

We work very hard to preserve our editorial independence and so that the political-partisan balance is aspired towards but clearly present in each of our fact-checking endeavors. With your support in this campaign, we will be able to do more in verifying political candidates’ statements.

In order to guarantee our autonomy and editorial independence, we are committed to financing ourselves in a manner that diverges from traditional means. For us, each contribution you make is a vote in an election in which it is crucial that we win – that which has fake news as its leading candidate. For this reason, collaboration is welcomed.

We are defenders of transparency and open-information in what we do and how we do it. Read more about how we finance ourselves.

We need your help in order to keep building a community in search of the truth and against false information.

Donate to Chequeado.

We do not wantfalse information to circulate. We all deserve to be addressed with the truth.