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Impartiality and equity policy

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To ensure impartiality and equity in the fact-checking selection process, an editorial committee, composed by the Editorial team, daily assesses the relevance of available material.

Opinions, comments or statements of commitments are not subject to fact-checking unless they rely on verifiable data or facts. Chequeado does not express opinions.

Chequeado selects statements from politicians, economists, businesspeople, unionists, journalists, public figures, media outlets and other opinion-forming institutions, without discrimination based on their political or ideological orientation.

The statements subject to fact-checking must have been expressed in documents, media outlets or public forums.

Additionally, they should be relevant to the public agenda due to the prominence of the person who made them, the referenced topic or their impact.

Given their significant impact on the public agenda, statements made by the highest authorities of the state and government, regardless of who they are, receive special attention from Chequeado.

Chequeado follows the leading newspapers in Buenos Aires (Clarín, La Nación, Página 12, El Cronista, Ámbito Financiero and Perfil) and the most listened political programs on television and radio. Other digital media outlets in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires are also regularly reviewed. Additionally, our automation tool, Chequeabot, allows us to monitor over 30 national and provincial media sources, congressional transcripts and presidential speeches.

In addition to Chequeabot, suggestions and fact-checking requests from readers originating from social media, WhatsApp, and our Chequeo Colectivo (Collective Fact-Check) platform are welcome and taken into account as triggers for content, whenever possible. When an article originates from one of these channels, it is stated in the text.

This neutrality applied in the fact-checking selection process also applies to our staff. Being part of the Chequeado team entails a commitment to not be affiliated with any political party. Additionally, all our journalists are independent professionals, and their profiles are public.