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Source transparency policy

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Once a statement is selected, Chequeado contacts the individual who made the statement to inquire about the original source of the data used. If direct access to the source is obtained, additional sources are consulted to corroborate its validity and explain its relevance and impact. If direct access is not possible, the fact-check is done by using alternative sources: documents (reports, analyses, or public and private statistical compilations) and interviews with experts. If any of the sources have a known political affiliation, it is mentioned.

After verifying the data, relevant context is provided to aid understanding, especially within the local socio-economic, historical, and cultural framework, and whenever possible, the regional and international contexts as well. The verification process strives to go beyond a purely literal comparison.

Phrases are not fact-checked when there are no available data or experts to verify them.

All sources used are quoted and, whenever possible, links to the original documents and data are included to ensure accessibility.

In this way, anyone who wishes to reproduce a fact-check and access the original data used in an article can do so and arrive to the same conclusion as Chequeado.