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Updates and corrections policy

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To contribute to the mission of verifying and improving the quality of public debate, Chequeado encourages community participation in the collective production of knowledge and site content by proposing fact-checks, providing data and experiences, and alerting to possible errors in our verifications.

Chequeado strives for maximum rigor and accuracy. But, as it is known, nobody is perfect. Therefore, we commit to rectifying any inaccurate information we may have disseminated.

If a person notifies Chequeado about a possible error in an article, the team will take a maximum of 48 hours to review the contested content and, if necessary, publish the correction.

After confirming that an error was indeed made and incorrect data were published, it will be replaced and an explanation of the modification will be provided under the heading “Correction,” along with the date of publication. If it is necessary to assign a new rating, the original rating under which the article was published will also be noted.

When relevant information is received after a fact-check is published, which complements or clarifies the article or updates the data, it is included with an explanation of its relevance and/or change under the heading “Update,” also with the date.

To send comments or alert Chequeado about a possible error or significant omission, you can contact us through the Readers’ Mailbox on the website, write an email to Matías Di Santi, Media Director of Chequeado (mdisanti@chequeado.com), or reach out through social media, either on our Twitter account (@Chequeado), our Facebook fan page (/Chequeado) or our Instagram (@Chequeado). You can also do so through WhatsApp.