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How Disinformation Makes Money

Disinformation is appealing, travels fast and lures people to websites and videos where it's spread. The attention from users may generate money. Some disinformants use those sites to sell their products, ask for donations or develop their own personal brands, from which they will later profit. How do the mechanisms that allow these agents to make money with disinformation function?

27 julio, 2021

The International Scheme of “Doctors for the Truth”: A Denialist Trademark Registered by Natalia Prego

A group of doctors has disinformed during the pandemic. It’s an international organization that was born in Germany, grew stronger in Spain and expanded in Latin America. They spread falsehoods to promote false cures, reject face masks and even deny the pandemic, calling it an alleged “plan of global domination.” Because they’re doctors, their weight has greater influence, and some medical colleges in Spain have taken steps to investigate them in fear of the damage they could cause to public health.

15 julio, 2021

Chlorine dioxide: Who sells this illegal and toxic substance in Argentina and other countries in the region?

Although chlorine dioxide is not authorized as a medication in Argentina or any regulatory agency in the world, this substance is promoted as a “miraculous cure” for many illnesses, including coronavirus. It is promoted by people that consider themselves to be prominent church members, who have open court cases, politicians, influencers, fans of Andreas Kalcker and even dietitians. Despite some platforms have fixed policies to remove content harmful to health, Chequeado identified tens of posts that recommend this substance and sell it on WhatsApp.

15 julio, 2021